About us

From a very young age, Rashid Ali Alkuwari founder and owner of Al Shaheen Stud in Doha, Qatar, had a passion for horses. “I was obsessed with riding and being around horses when I was young. As I got older, I dreamed of  having my own stud farm. That dream is now a reality.”

It is no wonder the young boy who became a man so favored the Arabian horse as they play a pivotal role in the history of the Arabian Peninsula, and in the founding of Qatar. 

“I choose to own and breed straight Egyptian horses for their beauty and purest bloodlines, as well as their history and presence throughout the world,” says Rashid.



Today, Al shaheen stud is home of some finest straight Egyptian bloodlines in the world with 25 Straight Egyptian horses, standing one lead stallion, Alzeer Al Rayaan (Alidaar x RN Farida), who is already siring beautiful and athletic foals. Rashid’s breeding program produces a select number of foals each year, and includes the additional influence of such world renown sires as Al Adeed Al Shaqab and Ansata Nile Echo.   


Kuhaylah Rudaniyah

The Rodania family is represented by the two silver pearls Aleah Kariimah (PVA Kariim × Bint Kamill) and EHP Ayanna (Imperial Imdal x Dorian Fa Halima) of Bint Rissala descent. They embody the class elegance and exotic Arabian type for which the breed is so well known.


EHP Ayanna

(Imperial Imdal × Dorian Fa Halima)


They are passing on these qualities to their offspring. EHP Ayanna’s gorgeous 2015 filly, Omnia al Shaheen by Ansata Nile Echo, has the same classic elegance, long legs, and refined throat latch as her mother. 


Omnia Al Shaheen

(Ansata Nile Echo × EHP Ayanna)


Hadba through Samiha

The Hadba family is represented by the silver mare Asilh Al Nassir (Ansata Sokar x Jamilaal Nasser) and the dark bay Zaafranah Al Waab (Farres x Sharuby HP). A study in contrasts, both mares have the excellent substance and flat toplines one would expect from the best of their pedigrees, yet they are as different in style as sunbeams and starlight.


Asilh Al Nasser

(Ansata Sokar × Jamila Al Nasser)


Zaafranah Al Waah

(Farres × Sharuby HP)


Hadba through Hind

The grey full siblings Shmos al Shaheen and Jamilah Al Shaheen (Ansata Nile Echo x Shadwanah) both possess the long legs, flaring nostrils, high tail carriage and showy attitude of their illustrious sire.


Jamilah Al Shaheen

(Ansata Nile Echo × Shadwanah )


El Dahma

 The impressive bay stallion Alzeer Al Rayyan (Alidaar x RN Farida) and refined white filly Ameera al Shaheen (Ansata Nile Echo x Imperial Karmah) are both incredible representatives of the El Dahma family with their large, liquid black eyes, quivering nostrils, and shapely necks


Alzeer Al Rayyan

(Alidaar × RN Farida)


Ameera Al Shaheen

(Ansata Nile Echo × Imperial Karmah)


In addition to these families, Al Shaheen maintains other strains such as the A Dahmah Shahwaniyah ibn Khalifa strain represented by the smooth bodied and elegant mare Adal Al Naif (Ansata Nile Echo x Simeon Shama), and Saklawiyah Jidraniyah strain represented by the lovely Jumanah Elalya (Ashhal Al Rayyan × Jawaher Al Sharq).



Adal Al Naif

(Ansata Nile Echo × Simeon Shama)


Jumanah Elalya

(Ashhal Al Rrayyan × Jawaher Al Sharq)


"We welcome all who come to Qatar to visit us at Al Shaheen Arabian Stud and to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or our website.”